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BLAZE BATTERIES sell and install all your requirements including 12V standalone systems for house (off the grid), caravans, motorhomes and boats.
We keep all of your needs in stock. Solar Panels are available in all sizes plus regulators, battery chargers, inverters as well as inexpensive batteries. Cheap batteries for Solar can be worthwhile when you have the right advice but brought wrongly can “Cost you dearly”!
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Solar Battery Storage Options:

Many experienced campers’ first choice for storage and use of solar energy should be a Ultra Performance Gel high temperature lead battery, and our new range of LITHIUM BATTERIES 1.. CAN GO DOWN LOWER IN DISCHARGE UP TO 80% WITH NO DAMAGE 2.. PLAY  4 x 18 HOLES OF GOLF PER CHARGE 3.. MAINTENANCE FREE DESIGN (NO REFILLING) 4.. CAN HANDLE TEMPERATURE UP TO 65 DEGREES CELCIUS 5..NO CORROSION ON LEADS OR BATTER COMPARTMENT
Ultra high performance gel battery have twice the cycles of Wet AGM/GEL Battery. deep cycle application, for campervans and caravans and any standalone systems These batteries will operate in 65 degrees or -40 degrees and can be taken down to Zero Volts (Not Recommended) and do not take any life off them. 6 Volt, 8 Volt and 12 Volt can be used in Golf Carts, Sweepers and Road Signs. They have in Golf Carts 5 to 6, 18 hole rounds per every charge.
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