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Our Floor Machine Batteries Are Long Lasting and High Performing

To keep your floor machine equipment running smoothly, install one of our ultra-high performance gel batteries. These new floor sweeper batteries will deliver reliable power and keep your floor cleaning equipment running to the highest of standards. Sweeper manufacturers and maintenance companies can depend on these top quality sweeper batteries.

  • The new floor scraper battery has thicker plates than your standard battery allowing it to endure longer periods of charging and a lengthy lifespan
  • Ultra high performance you can rely on
  • No corrosion guaranteed
  • All new floor machine batteries come with a 2-year warranty
  • Cost effective and energy efficient
  • Maintenance free

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Reliability, Durability and Efficient Power for Increased Return on Your Battery Investment

Blaze Batteries on the Gold Coast offers the best new batteries for a range of services including; automotive, marine and boat, solar, golf, mobility scooter and floor sweeping equipment. Whichever type of battery you need, their expert technicians can advise and guide you. Here are some benefits of choosing Blaze Batteries;

  • Price match guaranteed
  • A family run establishment with a passion for providing the best customer service
  • Enjoy a free quote from an expert technician
  • Battery prices are affordable and come with a 2-year guarantee
  • The team have 20 years’ experience in the battery business!
  • We offer three roadside servicemen who are fully mobile at no extra charge
  • We only deal in the best batteries on the market so you can be rest assured you’ll get top quality

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Trusted Floor Sweeper Battery Suppliers on the Gold Coast

To run your floor machine equipment, you need reliable battery power that won’t let you down. We know running a floor maintenance company can be time sensitive and you need to know your equipment will keep going to get the job done. This is why the team at Blaze Batteries are specialists in their field and are always on hand to hook you up with the best floor scraper battery.

Having been in the battery business for over 20 years, we have built up a host of happy customers and have great reviews for our expert services. All our batteries are ultra-high performing, will not corrode and need zero maintenance, allowing you to get on with the running of your floor sweeping company.

Call the Blaze Batteries team for a free quote on a new floor machine battery.

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