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Hi over the last 20 years i have come across all types of people and battery situations but one thing stays constant one never ever blames themselves even though recently one of my customers brought a boat with our batteries in it and they were and still were being over discharged and had been set up wrongly and he agreed that had to be fixed but still wanted a credit on a battery
1.. when you buy a battery to do a job go to a battery shop that has a range of good batteries has the knowledge to make the bank of batteries last
2.. listen how they tell you how to set up and use the battery bank
3.. buy the right batteries for the job, and charge them properly
4.. but most of all when using deep cycle batteries get double the amp hours you need if possible for the bank, do not hook onto your starting batteries that is always looking for problems
for the best advice go to a battery shop to buy your batteries and ask for the person with most experience for help, if you dont i hope your prepared for trouble
thanks David

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