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Ultra High-Performance GEL Batteries offer a high performance and durability

Ultra High-Performance GEL Batteries are the newest technological advancement in the world of high performing batteries. These batteries have a range of benefits that put them above any others that are currently on the market.

The features of these batteries include having a much lower discharge rate than any other battery, and they are also specifically designed for harsh environments. This includes working in temperatures above 650C and below -400C. These batteries have got twice the amount of cycles of most GEL wet lead acid batteries, and if you discharge these down below 80% they charge up again easily, allowing you to get back to your day-to-day without irritating waiting times.
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Built to suit your needs

In the past, it has often been a struggle to find one type of battery that suits the demands of every client, but with Ultra High-Performance GEL Batteries, this problem can be solved. These batteries come in a range of sizes and power capabilities, which allow them to work for different appliances.

The HTL155 (12 volts), HTL190 (8 volts) and HTL240 (6 volts) are perfectly sized for gold carts, cleaning equipment, scissor lifts, road signs and stand-alone solar systems.

So, no matter what you need a high-performance battery for, rest assured that Ultra High-Performance GEL Batteries are the most reliable and efficient batteries available.

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Perfect for the regular camper

For all of the camping fanatics out there, Ultra High-Performance GEL Batteries are the ideal safety net for you on your next trip. These batteries can be used with motorhomes, RVs, caravans, camper trailers and 4WDs that spend a long period away from main power supplies.

But what makes these Ultra High-Performance GEL batteries better than the ones you would usually use on your camping trip?

Well, an Ultra High-Performance GEL Battery has the best durability of any other battery, which means it can be completely neglected by its owner and still work like new when you need it. This includes not fully charging it, running it down low in voltage and leaving it outside to withstand the elements. NOTE: This is not recommended. Always keep your battery charged and not taken below 50%.

It is possible to discharge and take them lower in voltage which means you can use more amperage out of the battery.
For any other AGM or AGM/GEL battery, they wouldn’t be able to survive with these conditions, but the Ultra High-Performance GEL battery will simply recover back to its original specifications after a few charging cycles.

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Don’t waste your time with an inferior battery

The remarkable Ultra High-Performance GEL battery is ideal for our harsh Australian conditions, and they can be used in any application where AGM and AGM/GEL batteries are used currently.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of the old and unreliable by turning to Blaze Batteries – a leading Ultra High-Performance AGM/GEL battery retailer.
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